A Great Competition Season for FIRST Team 585!

From the beginning of the year, we have had an awesome season. The start of build season introduced some new faces and new ideas. Our first competition at Sacramento qualified us for Worlds through winning the engineering inspiration award. At our second, and home competition, at Las Vegas we won several awards, inclding Woodie Flowers and Deans List finallists. Then we got to attend the first ever world championship at Houson, Texas. While there, we got to met up with all our Antelope Valley teams, participate in daily challenges hosted by FIRST sponsors, and meet many different people from across the globe. 

Introducing Dash and Dot!

Throughout the month of May, we will continue delivering Dash and Dot class sets, along with Dremel 3D printers, HP Sprouts, and LEGO WeDo 2.0’s to our elementary schools to help them incorporate their use into their curricula. We are so excited to begin working with the teachers and this awesome technology!

Kern STEMposium

Learn about FIRST Robotics and our programs at the first annual Kern STEMposium, at the Bakersfield College Gymnasium on Friday, May 19th!  We will be sharing our experiences and best practices from 8 to 10AM at our booth, generously sponsored by sPower.  Hope to see you there!

LEGO Summer Camp

It’s almost time for LEGO Summer Camp again!  Join us at the TUSD Extended Day program as we teach LEGO Mindstorms buildng and programming with exciting daily challenges the week of June 19-23. (This program is for rising fourth through eighth graders).  Or, younger students (rising kindergarten through third grade) can join us as we explore LEGO WeDo 2.0 robots through fun and exciting adventures the week of June 26-30. See you there!

2017 FRC Challenge - FIRST STEAMworks

Our 17th Robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition, Toasty, and his brother, Moldy, were designed to tackle the FRC STEAMworks Challenge

This year's FIRST Robotics Competition challenge hosts boilers that must be pressurized with oversized whiffle balls, an airship that needs gears to get it moving, and ropes for the robots to climb when the airship is ready for liftoff! Join us as we prepare for this steampunk adventure!

What Does FIRST Team 585 Do?


Team members build industry relevant skills as they strategize, design, build, program, and test their robots.

Signature Practices

What are the key characteristics of a Cyber Penguin?

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A big thank you to all our sponsors, without whom our team would not be able to do all the wonderful things we do. 

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