National Engineers Week Assemblies

Tomkins Elementary - February 22
Golden Hills Elementary - February 23
Monroe High School - February 24
Cummings Valley Elementary - February 24
Jacobsen Middle School - March 27

Evening Program

Tompkins Family Fun Night
Wednesday, February 22
5:30 to 7:00 PM
Dinner included!

2017 National Engineers Week School Assemblies and Robot Demonstrations

During our school visits we will be delivering a presentaiton about the evolution of robotics and demonstrating our 2017 FIRST STEAMworks robot.

2017 Family Fun Night at Tompkins Elementary School

In keeping with our promotion of National Engineers Week, we ran an engineering themed Family Fun Night at Tompkins Elementary School. Families ate some yummy Mac and Cheese while we delivered our presentation on robotics and related fields of engineering.  They then got to participate in four engineering stations: Make Your Own GluePuff MobilesTouch Down  and Build a Spinning Top, all from the Discover e website.