Seniors (and Juniors)! FIRST Scholarships!

Some estimated statistics about FIRST Scholarships:

Over $30,000,000 in potential scholarships are being made available by nearly 200 Scholarship Providers.

Over1,000 individualScholarship Opportunities

90% of FIRST Scholarship Providers are Colleges/Universities for use at their institution

Most Scholarships (65%) are for STEM majors or are made available by tech-focused Institutions

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We Are Participating in the CHOCWalk this year!

If you are going to participate, go to and register to join our team! We will have a fundraiser and donation tables over the summer.
If you would like to support a great cause, please visit our page to make a donation to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County!

Meeting Times and Program Schedules

Summer is rapidly approaching, but so are a lot of our programs!  Check back here often to see what’s going on and when!

Dash and Dot Teacher Training

  • Monday, May 22 - 1 PM to 3:15 PM

  • Tuesday, May 23 - 1 PM to 3:15 PM

  • Wednesday, May 24 - 1 PM to 3:15 PM

Girls Who Code

  • Monday, May 15 - 3 PM to 4 PM

  • Monday, June 5, 3 PM to 4 PM

Spring Women in STEM Webinars

  • Wednesday, May 17 - 1:30 PM

Useful Links

In case you get asked if you’ve done it, come here to find the link!

Register with FIRST

In order to travel to any events with the team, you must be registered with FIRST.  You need an account for yourself and your parent needs an account to approve your application to the team as well as sign the media release form required for any FIRST events. This can take some time, so get yourself into the FIRST Student Team Information Management System (STIMS) soon!

Order your Team Shirt

The link for team swag will be back up soon.

Get Safety Trained

In order to travel with to any event, team members must be trained in the following areas:
  - Back Injury Prevention
  - Electrical Safety
  - Fire Extinguishers
  - Injury and Illness Prevention
  - Wood Technology Safety
  - Machine Safeguarding and Safety Compliance
  - Safety for Student Workers
  - Indoor Air Quality
  - Violence in the Workplace

Log in to the website and designate yourself as an “other” to get access to all the modules you need to be trained with. Please see Safety Captain CJ Randall for help if you need it. Remember to keep PDFs of your certificates

Complete this form after you are done.

Access Tutorials

Do you want to program in LabView (using the standard WPI libraries, modifying some, and creating our own) or Python (version 2.7.x to connect with the TK1), or learn CAD with Onshape? Check out these tutorials to get your baseline up so you can start working alongside the more experienced members.